Our Core Values

Core Value: Communication

  • Communicates effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Understands clearly and quickly when instruction or direction is given.
  • Practices attentive and active listening.
  • Provides individuals with timely information so that they can make sound decisions.
  • Acknowledges and responds to voice and email messages within one business day.

Core Value: Customer Service

  • Satisfies the expectations and needs of customers, both internally and externally.
  • Displays courtesy, sensitivity and respect toward customers, and responds promptly to service requests.
  • Explains services clearly.
  • Considers the impact on both internal and external customers when taking action and carrying out job responsibilities.
  • Takes personal responsibility for resolving service problems brought to their attention.

Core Value: Diversity & Inclusion

  • Recognizes and values the benefits of differences of people, ideas and cultures.
  • Encourages differences as a way to enhance a variety of perspectives.
  • Treats each person as an individual by understanding their needs and priorities.
  • Promotes equality including refusing to tolerate bias, racism or harassment.
  • Welcomes differences in individuals and groups.

Core Value: Ethics & Compliance

  • Makes decisions and takes actions based on truthfulness, honesty and fairness.
  • Adheres to policies and procedures as outlined by the city as well as state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Maintains confidentiality.

Core Value: Innovation

  • Proactively initiates change and improvement.
  • Challenges themselves to continually improve existing work practices to meet the needs of residents, business owners, visitors and each other.
  • Anticipates change and pursues new or enhanced processes/practices with perseverance and optimism.
  • Focuses on practical and purposeful solutions that build value as well as benefit the city.
  • Turns ideas into reality with the willingness to take risks by thinking “outside the box.”

Core Value: Professionalism

  • Thinks carefully about the effects of words, actions, appearance and behavior on others.
  • Presents a positive self-image, attitude, commitment and dedication to the city and their coworkers.
  • Meets attendance expectations, is punctual, and maintains an appropriate appearance for the job performed.
  • Works to develop and maintain positive working relationships, keeps personal distractions to a minimum, and maintains a pleasant attitude.

Core Value: Safety

  • Follows standard operating procedures, safety work rules, and sound work practices.
  • Inspects each work environment and equipment required.
  • Stores products and equipment in its proper location to ensure a hazard-free work area.

Core Value: Teamwork

  • Works with and helps others to accomplish common goals and effectively manages interpersonal relationships in a cooperative, sensitive and collaborative manner.
  • Influences and actively participates in a group process or activity to achieve a desired result.
  • Treats others with dignity and respect.
  • Addresses solutions for issues rather than focusing on disagreements.

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